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The promise of this course is that it is possible for every believer to live one ordinary day with Jesus. And if we can live one day with Jesus, we can begin to live every day with him.

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In the routine moments of an ordinary day . . . you can experience the reality of God’s presence. Christ entered our broken world to give us life in all its fullness. Not just in pinnacle experiences, but in every situation, every relationship, every activity. As you learn to recognize and welcome Christ’s presence into every moment, ordinary days become filled with a tangible sense of God’s presence. Suddenly, you are experiencing all of life with God–not just Sundays or “quiet times.” Even more, he is transforming you in the process. You begin to experience the kind of ongoing, close connection to God you’ve longed for. An Ordinary Day with Jesus show you how to: invite Christ to work alongside you recognize and hear the Holy Spirit’s voice use the spiritual pathways that best connect you to God eliminate hurry and simplify your pace of life wake up and go to sleep in Jesus’ name open everyday relationships to him, learning even from difficult people spend soul-replenishing time alone with God plan, commit to, and actually experience an entire day with Jesus Experiencing God’s presence in your everyday life doesn’t necessarily mean doing new things. It means doing the things you already do in new ways–with him. An ordinary day with Jesus truly can be the greatest day you’ve ever had. Best of all, it can lead to an extraordinary life!

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