Dismiss the Crowds


This is the story of how they began again and built a church using the principles of discipleship God had taught them.

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“Can you find it in your heart to dismiss the crowds, go back home and start building the church again?”Those were the words of Pastor Cesar Castellanos, which the Holy Spirit used to bring Ken and Lois Gott back from a popular international speaking ministry, back to their home town, and back to the business of making disciples.

Like most of us, Ken equated the number of people in the church congregation with the favour of God on the church. The more he could see, the greater God’s favour must be.

But now Ken took a fresh look at the ministry of Jesus. Certainly he had attracted crowds, but surprisingly his response was to dismiss them. He knew that crowds were not the way to build his church. What he wanted was disciples-those in whom he could invest his time, those he called to pay the going price for following him, those through whom he could build the church.

Why do we think it will be any different today?

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